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Author: Suzanne 29.07.2009

Muscle Relaxant purchase Fluconazole misoprostol buy online purchase Strattera order Fluconazole buy valacyclovir Ah, the experience of marketing just before Thanksgiving!  Crazy, right?  Well, this one finally pushed me over the edge, when I dropped two of the loaded plastic bags I was attempting to put in the car, and holiday fixings rolled all over the place, including under my car.  I decided it was time for me to make a change.  First, I decided to try the One-Trip Grip.   Fabulous!  This little gadget really made my shopping trips easier and more comfortable.  It’s made for holding multiple plastic bags but I also switched to my own environmentally-friendly cloth shopping bags and it works great with those too.   I keep it in the car and just bring it in with my bags!  I’ve since bought a second one for the house and use it with my laundry.  Being in a townhouse, with the washer/dryer at the basement level, my hand used to really hurt when I had to schlep multiple hangers upstairs to the bedroom level.  Now, I put all the hangers in the gripper and it’s a breeze to carry;  I use the one in my car when picking up drycleaning.  This is one I should have tried sooner and I recommend you try it too.

This is the kind of new invention I adore; one that addresses a real area of discomfort and makes it better.  I’ve been working on one of my own for the past year and will finally be able to tell you about it after the New Year!