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Author: Suzanne 29.07.2010

When I was growing up, my mother would make a simple, yummy custard whenever I was sick. Since I’m in the throes of a nasty summer cold, I made some for myself and decided to share it with you. It’s old-fashioned but still soothing for me: Retin-A no prescription pattern baldness treatment

3 Tablespoons of granulated sugar

1/8 Teaspoon of salt

1 Pint of milk purchasing Plavix online

3 Eggs order methotrexate online

a) Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

b) purchase misoprostol Scald the milk in a double boiler.

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c) In a mixing bowl, add sugar & salt to beaten eggs and then pour the scalding milk over them. Pour into Pyrex cups and grate nutmeg over the top.

d) Set the cups in an oblong pan of hot water and bake just until a knife, when inserted, will come out clean. (If baked too long, the custard will separate and be watery.)

When done, remove cups from watery pan and set to cool.

Are mashed potatoes the ultimate comfort food? Could be. Here’s a recipe from my buddy, Randy Fuhrman, that defies description:

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purchase Furosemide buy Dapoxetine online cheap Clonidine cheap Fluoxetine Cholesterol of Death Mashed Potatoes
1-1/4 lbs red potatoes
1/8 lb butter
1/8 lb cream cheese
¼ cup sour cream
½ cup Half & Half
Salt to taste
White pepper to taste

Cook potatoes & peel if you wish (I like to leave the skins on but it’s up to you). Cut and place in K-5 Kitchen Aid or a mixer. Add 1/3 of all ingredients slowly, starting with the butter, then the cream cheese, then the sour cream and finally the Half & Half. Keep adding and mixing until all are in. Each time, add the salt & white pepper to taste.
Notes: You can add roasted, chopped or even granulated garlic, if you like. You can use seasoned pepper, instead of white pepper, for little peppier flavor. Sauteed spinach swirling in the potatoes is wonderful. You can also use cheddar cheese, instead of cream cheese, if you like a cheese potato.

Living in the Best T-Shirts

Author: Suzanne 13.07.2010

There’s nothing so versatile, so comfy, as a good T-shirt. I don’t mean those big, sloppy ones with some promotional artwork on the front. I’m talking about nice fitting, solid-color tees which take you everywhere! When the weather is hot, a lovely tee always works with skirt, pants or shorts and, when the weather turns cool, a great long-sleeve tee is perfect for layering. I’ve tried lots of different ones but, in my opinion, you can’t beat the My Favorite tees from the Gap. They’re reasonably priced, fit fabulously, are a good length and hold up well in the wash. I have them in all colors and live in them for all but the dressiest occasions. Valtrex online Promethazine without prescription generic Retin-A order Cytotec online Toradol without prescription Natrexon price

I Have to Buy A Bathing Suit???

Author: Suzanne 06.07.2010

Dear God, how to find a bathing suit that’s comfy to wear and that I feel comfy walking around in? Here are some tips I’ve learned:
1) Unless you have buns of steel, stay away from a thong or high-cut bottom on your suit.
2) A modified french-cut bottom is great and lengthens the look of your legs – if you’re saddlebag-free. If you’ve got them though, try for a little skirt-look or a shorts-look bottom. purchase Fluconazole 3) You’ll be cooler in a two-piece but take a good look at those abs! If they’re not so tight, only you can decide if you feel comfy letting it all slop out (maybe at home but not on a public beach).
4) Buy cheap Accutane Make sure the top of the suit has enough support – bandeaus and strapless are for the flat or very young. A halter top is my favorite to feel comfortable and secure.
5) treatment of bipolar disorder Don’t fit yourself too tight, thinking it’s gonna hold you in – it’ll just make you bulge and feel uncomfortable.
6) Premarin Fast shipping buy Baclofen online buy Disulfiram If you’re married to a guy who’s less than a champion swimmer & definitely less than Mr. Universe, keep him out of a Speedo and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Satin Sheets

Author: Suzanne 06.07.2010

For years, I wanted a set of satin sheets. It seemed like the sexiest, comfiest, most luxurious way to sleep. So, as soon as I saw some at my local linens store, I got some. OK, they were satin acetate but metoclopramide online order Indocin Lasix no prescription generic Lithium they were inexpensive so I went for it. Bad idea – I didn’t enjoy them at all. I’ve since learned to stay away from the knit, acetate or “bridal satin” sheets you find in most stores and websites.

 The best I’ve found are from a company called Comfort House. Their satin sheets are 100% woven polyester satin and are seamless. They’re machine washable, colorfast and require no ironing. Sets come with 1 flat top sheet, 1 fitted bottom sheet, and 2 pillowcases (the twin only has 1 pillowcase). They also make comforters with 8oz superfill polyester that feels like down – dry cleaning is recommended for these. Sildenafil online treating acne
Their satin sheets come in ivory, black (ooh!), mauve, white, hunter green and sky blue. They’re available in some fine linen stores and can also be ordered on-line from Comfort House.

Satin sheets will feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but I choose to use them intermittently and not as my regular bedding. Why? Just personal choice – I prefer them in the summertime with a light coverlet. You might like them only in the winter, or all year round. Judge for yourself.


Author: Suzanne 02.07.2010

I like the rain. It’s a wonderful time to stay warm and comfy by the fireplace. And, it can be fun to be out in it – when it’s not a downpour. order methotrexate online However, if it’s really coming down, I want a good umbrella to avoid drowned rat syndrome. buy albuterol online And, although I love those sturdy big umbrellas, I hate carrying them around and prefer the collapsible styles. This can pose a problem if there’s wind involved in the rain.

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Well, a friend of mine from Chicago (known for its blustery weather) recently introduced me to the neatest collapsible umbrella. It’s called the Windpro Flatwear Umbrella from the ShedRain company. buy Clonidine Online This little beauty has specially designed vents that allow wind to escape, which keeps it from blowing inside-out during gusty wet conditions. It opens to a 43” arc, has a black steel shaft, aluminum ribs and black rubberized handle. Easy to pack at 11” x 3” x 1.25,” it opens with automatic button push. Topamax 100 mg Let it pour, I’m ready!!

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Hangovers Are Uncomfy – 2

Author: Suzanne 01.07.2010

Unless you have a sauna handy to sweat it out the effects of New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d list a couple of cures that have given comfort to friends. I’ve omitted the Prairie Oyster (with the Worcestershire sauce and raw egg yolk), cause just talking about it makes me want to bend over the toilet bowl. The following are much more pleasant:


• Get Out of Jail Free Card
1 oz Vodka
4 oz orange juice
2 oz ginger ale
A couple of maraschino cherries

Mix the liquids with crushed ice & drop in the cherries.
The vodka will balance out any alcohol, the OJ helps to metabolize it faster, the ginger ale will calm your stomach, and the cherries have a pain-relieving anti-oxidant. (Thanks to Duane Swierczynski for this one.)

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generic Retin-A Tadalafil online

generic Valtrex online • Ice Cream buy Valtrex online
Go straight to the freezer – do not pass “go” – and have some spoonfuls. I’ve never tried this myself but one of my girlfriends swears by it.


Author: Suzanne 01.07.2010

I confess – I love infomercials. And with the cost of bringing a new product to market these days, lots of super ideas are coming out this way. One that caught my eye was for the Snuggie. order Colchicine online This is the fleece thingie that’s meant to replace a throw, or lap robe. It’s like a floor-length hospital gown with long sleeves.

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Their pitch is that blankets or throws will slip around and, if your hands are cold, you have to keep them inside which means you can’t read or do anything. Well, first of all, unless I’m in a frigid climate, I don’t know that I need swaddling from head to toe. But winter’s coming and I was curious so I decided to try it. generic Colchicine For $19.95, I can go for it!

The colors were limited (only burgundy, royal blue and sage) but it is super soft and quite thick. They say it’s good for men, women and children but it was really too long for me. That’s great when you’re sitting or lying down but I got up to get some water and tripped all over myself. Forget the fact that I looked like a Yeti! But I will say it was comfy once I got myself positioned properly on the sofa. buy albuterol online

My only concern is that winter means warm clothing. So, are you supposed to strip down to get into this thing so you’re not too warm? I think maybe this California gal just doesn’t get it. I’ve sent it off to a friend in Montana and maybe she’ll give us some better input.

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