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Comfy or Lazy?

Author: Suzanne 31.07.2011

order albuterol Nolvadex online buy Albendazole online vardenfil online OK, here’s the question: When can things be invented that supposedly make our life easier and more comfortable but really cross the extreme line into fun but really lazy? I offer the following three for your consideration:
• The battery-operated spaghetti fork, that twirls your pasta so you don’t have to.
• The plastic, motorized ice cream cone, which rotates so can keep licking smoothly around at your button push.
• A faucet that lights up red, for hot water, and blue, for cold water.

Ponder those and I’ll check back in, periodically, if I find others that tickle me.

Hello world

Author: Suzanne 28.07.2011


Author: Suzanne 26.07.2011

purchase esomeprazole Xenical 120 mg order Indocin Cytotec cheap Natrexone without a prescription buy Propranolol online OK, so today’s my birthday – never mind which one – but, before I go out to celebrate tonight, I want to tell you about a lovely present I received yesterday. I was given a session at a beautiful spa and received what they called an Asian Massage. Funny that I’ve been all over Asia and never had this comfy experience before. It featured the use of warm/hot basalt stones and precious essential oils from flowers and plants. I was told that this type of massage is the secret of the Asian philosophy for body and soul. And after an hour of this treat, my skin felt thoroughly pampered. They said that it activates the energy flow (and I did feel great) but the immediate result was glorious relaxation. If you find someone offering this near you, I’d definitely give it a try.


Author: Suzanne 25.07.2011

I just did a workshop on Yamuna Body Rolling at my Pilates studio and think I’m hooked. My instructor recommended this because, after years of dancing, my feet were very tight and inflexible plus one hip had stiffened up from a tendon I tore a few years ago. She explained that working with the Yamuna balls was “health, fitness & massage rolled into one.” Unlike other exercises with balls, this uses 6″ or 9″ balls to do detailed work on specific muscles, create flexibility in tight areas while increasing range of motion. It’s like having someone work on you, except the ball does the work. When you lie over the ball, you just roll yourself in a series of routines that stretch, get rid of tension and discomfort, increase blood flow and stimulate permanent changes in your body.

I went to the Yamuna website to learn more and found that I can get a Beginner’s Kit to use at home – Yay!! It comes with a lovely yellow ball, the pump to keep it perfect and a DVD. I’m getting one and plan to make TV time more productive by rolling myself to feeling fitter. Something you really may want to try! cheap albuterol Zithromax without prescription Purchase Retin-A without prescription cheap Fluconazole cheap Phenergan Order Natrexone


Author: Suzanne 16.07.2011

I travel a lot for business and jet lag is something I definitely find uncomfortable. I’ve tried all sorts of things but, after my last trip, I used a new little simple little device called No Jet Lag that showed me how to avoid it by resetting my internal body clock by applying acupressure to specific meridian points. This was developed by a Dr. Charles Krebs for a company called Dynamo House and you can get it thru their website. I’m intrigued by lots of things from this company which focuses on natural products and a holistic approach to life. I’m investigating more of their items and will let you know what I think. I love their motto, a quote from Anonymous, which says “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” order misoprostol online Heart Disease order Vermox buy Valtrex online no prescription Buy Prozac Plan B online


Author: Suzanne 14.07.2011

Here’s a tip from a friend of mine who used to love her Diet Coke – she probably consumed up to at least eight glasses during a day. When I saw her last, she ordered mineral water and I was shocked! buy Retin-A online Disulfiram online Then she explained that her nutritionist had told her that the Diet Coke was probably contributing to her feeling rundown. She’d visited the nutritionist because she always felt tired and her muscles felt very weak. Then she learned that the Coke’s high amounts of caffeine, glucose and fructose depleted her body’s potassium level – and that’s the mineral that’s important for good muscle function. She’s since switched to lots of water, with an occasional Coke as a treat, and feels much better. Interesting, huh? Just thought I’d pass it along…

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Author: Suzanne 12.07.2011

Am I the last person to buy a PedEgg? Well, that could be but I’m sure as heck happy that I did. I admit I was skeptical because most of my life I’ve used everything I could get my hands on to keep my feet soft and callus-free. I’ve been through endless pumice stones, which are fine in the shower, but icky gritty when I want to lounge in the tub. Plus, they never really solved the callus issue for me. So, I finally bought the PedEgg – kinda like a combination mini cheese grater with buffing pad. But it works great on dry skin so I can use it nightly at my bedside, followed by a little cream and my tootsies look better than ever. I like this one! buy esomeprazole Tadalafil without prescription order misoprostol Antibiotics Arthritis Aciclovir without prescription

In the two weeks before Christmas through New Year’s Day, I always have wassail going on the stove. It fills my home with fabulous aroma and is wonderful to sip while you’re relaxing by the fire. And there is nothing easier to make!

1) Get yourself a big soup pot – the bigger, the better.
2) Pour 2 gallon bottles of apple cider in the pot.
3) Throw in 5-6 cinnamon sticks
4) Take 1 large or 2 small oranges and stick cloves in all over them, then place in the pot.
5) Turn on the heat and simmer til you’re ready. The longer it simmers, the more yummy it tastes. order metoclopramide Plavix buy treatment of bipolar disorder buy levonorgestrel


Author: Suzanne 08.07.2011

There is no doubt that a good set of pajamas is one of the supreme definitions of comfort. Whether you sleep in them or just lounge around the house, it’s just the best. However, I found myself a little bored with what was available in the department stores. I saw all these fabulous pajamas in movies and on TV, but never saw anything different when I went shopping. Then I was told about a website called – I had to love it just because of the name, right? But they’ve got GREAT stuff! The company was created by folks in the fashion industry who felt that everyday wear can be fashionable, as well as comfortable – right up my alley. They have other items (like slippers, tanks, drawstring sets, etc) but it’s their range of pajamas that I love. There is a super variety of styles for women and teens, even thermals if you want them. So, if you’re tired of seeing the same old PJs everywhere, I think you’ll really enjoy checking out their quality and design. Then, snuggle up!

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Author: Suzanne 08.07.2011

It’s getting hot and, for me, that means lots of white T-shirts. Love them but one thing that makes me definitely uncomfortable are the inevitable underarm discolorations – eww! Well, I just learned a great buy methotrexate online Purchase Retin-A tip that I want to pass along. Couldn’t believe this at first but I tried it and it worked! All you need are aspirin tablets. Yep, that’s right – seems weird but it’s true. You crush 4 uncoated white aspirin tablets and mix with 1 tsp. cream of tartar. Then just add enough warm water to make a paste – work this paste into the underarm stains with an old toothbrush and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The salicylic acid in the aspirin removes the stains for good and it’s a whole lot cheaper than having to buy new white T-shirts.

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