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Author: Suzanne 08.07.2012

Maybe I’m late to the party but I just recently found out about MBT shoes (short for Masai Barefoot Technology). The company calls them “The Order Lamisil online Anti-Shoe,” so I didn’t expect them to be comfortable – I went for a pair because I’d heard about their benefits for slimming the body and getting more fit. To my surprise, they were stylish and amazingly supportive, soothing and comfy. Who knew?

They first came to my attention in a small magazine write-up. It talked about how a celebrity had lost tons of her baby weight by simply walking about 25 minutes a day in these shoes. I had to check it out! I learned that they were invented by a Swiss engineer who discovered, during a visit to Korea, that his back pain was alleviated by walking barefoot across paddy fields. Vermox without prescription So he went to work in developing these curved sole shoes which have a positive effect on the body and increase fitness by activating muscles that are neglected when walking on flat ground. His technology has been shown to reduce stress on hip joints and knees, improve posture and core strength, relieve pesky issues with the back, hips legs and feet – plus it’s proven to help joint, muscle, ligament & tendon injuries.

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As for visible changes to the body, some fitness trainers have said that walking in MBTs for an hour is equal to about 3 hours at the gym. For me, one super example is toning to the area between the upper albuterol price thighs and butt – circulation here is really improved and that’s supposedly the key to reducing cellulite. Hooray!

There are lots of styles to choose from. The cheapest are about $130-$160/pair with most in the $200/pair range. MBTs are an investment but I find them to cheap esomeprazole be well worth it!

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Author: Suzanne 04.07.2012

Over the New Year weekend, I visited some friends up the coast and was surprised to have a lovely, restful time. Why should this surprise me? Well, although I adore spending time with this couple, I’ve previously slept poorly because the husband, bless him, has always snored loudly enough that I could hear him in the next room. Never could understand how my girlfriend could share a bed with him til I discovered she wore earplugs! This time, I waited for the snoring but it didn’t start. Was it an operation? What had happened? Imagine my surprise to find out that a banana had been the answer for him. My friends were told that the main reason lots of people snore is sagging muscles in the back of the mouth that can vibrate loudly during sleep. They were instructed to have the husband eat a banana right before bed – seems that the phospholipids in the banana lubricate the problem tissues and help to prevent the collapse of the airwaves. She said the effect can last about 6 hours and she’s definitely more comfortable sleeping without the earplugs. Who knew? order Nolvadex Diflucan cheap Arthritis Strattera without prescription Propranolol best prices order methotrexate online

How About Tank Tops?

Author: Suzanne 01.07.2012

buy Ventolin online Albendazole without prescription treating acne Nexium online generic Valtrex purchase misoprostol Well, OK – let’s consider the comfy merits of tank tops. Obviously, they’re cool to wear when the temperatures hot. But are you “hot” enough to look “cool” and be comfortable wearing one? Of course, anything goes in your own backyard. But “in public?” That’s up to you – what follows is only my personal opinion.

• Unless you’re arms are nicely toned, opt out of a tank top and go for a small sleeve to cover the upper “loosies.”
• If you’re not a young’un, the current look of bra straps showing is a big turnoff. Instead, if you’re small-busted, you can go without if you feel comfy that way. If you’re like me and “well-endowed,” I love the tank or spaghetti strap tops that come with a built-in bra – no worries, no fuss. I get my favorites from Magellan’s catalog or through their online store.
• Scrawny or too-thin arms will also look better in a little short sleeve than a tank top but, if you’ve killed yourself at the gym to look this way and are proud of it, go for it.
• Tank tops are perfect under an open shirt or jacket and I have many that I wear for only that purpose (I retired my arms from sunlight awhile ago).
• If your midriff bulges, don’t wear a tank top that’s too stretchy and small – you’ll be uncomfortable trying suck your tummy in all the time.
• If you’re a woman who prefers not to shave or wax the pits, avoid tank tops in public. There’s a reason why one chain of restaurants has a sign posted saying “No Tank Tops Allowed.” It was intended for men because of underarm hair so the same applies to you “furry” gals.

The bottom line is, most of us are not Playboy bunnies so we need to be aware of what flatters us and still keeps us comfy.