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How About Tank Tops?

Author: Suzanne 01.07.2012

buy Ventolin online Albendazole without prescription treating acne Nexium online generic Valtrex purchase misoprostol Well, OK – let’s consider the comfy merits of tank tops. Obviously, they’re cool to wear when the temperatures hot. But are you “hot” enough to look “cool” and be comfortable wearing one? Of course, anything goes in your own backyard. But “in public?” That’s up to you – what follows is only my personal opinion.

• Unless you’re arms are nicely toned, opt out of a tank top and go for a small sleeve to cover the upper “loosies.”
• If you’re not a young’un, the current look of bra straps showing is a big turnoff. Instead, if you’re small-busted, you can go without if you feel comfy that way. If you’re like me and “well-endowed,” I love the tank or spaghetti strap tops that come with a built-in bra – no worries, no fuss. I get my favorites from Magellan’s catalog or through their online store.
• Scrawny or too-thin arms will also look better in a little short sleeve than a tank top but, if you’ve killed yourself at the gym to look this way and are proud of it, go for it.
• Tank tops are perfect under an open shirt or jacket and I have many that I wear for only that purpose (I retired my arms from sunlight awhile ago).
• If your midriff bulges, don’t wear a tank top that’s too stretchy and small – you’ll be uncomfortable trying suck your tummy in all the time.
• If you’re a woman who prefers not to shave or wax the pits, avoid tank tops in public. There’s a reason why one chain of restaurants has a sign posted saying “No Tank Tops Allowed.” It was intended for men because of underarm hair so the same applies to you “furry” gals.

The bottom line is, most of us are not Playboy bunnies so we need to be aware of what flatters us and still keeps us comfy.


Author: Suzanne 12.07.2011

Am I the last person to buy a PedEgg? Well, that could be but I’m sure as heck happy that I did. I admit I was skeptical because most of my life I’ve used everything I could get my hands on to keep my feet soft and callus-free. I’ve been through endless pumice stones, which are fine in the shower, but icky gritty when I want to lounge in the tub. Plus, they never really solved the callus issue for me. So, I finally bought the PedEgg – kinda like a combination mini cheese grater with buffing pad. But it works great on dry skin so I can use it nightly at my bedside, followed by a little cream and my tootsies look better than ever. I like this one! buy esomeprazole Tadalafil without prescription order misoprostol Antibiotics Arthritis Aciclovir without prescription


Author: Suzanne 08.07.2011

There is no doubt that a good set of pajamas is one of the supreme definitions of comfort. Whether you sleep in them or just lounge around the house, it’s just the best. However, I found myself a little bored with what was available in the department stores. I saw all these fabulous pajamas in movies and on TV, but never saw anything different when I went shopping. Then I was told about a website called – I had to love it just because of the name, right? But they’ve got GREAT stuff! The company was created by folks in the fashion industry who felt that everyday wear can be fashionable, as well as comfortable – right up my alley. They have other items (like slippers, tanks, drawstring sets, etc) but it’s their range of pajamas that I love. There is a super variety of styles for women and teens, even thermals if you want them. So, if you’re tired of seeing the same old PJs everywhere, I think you’ll really enjoy checking out their quality and design. Then, snuggle up!

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Author: Suzanne 08.07.2011

It’s getting hot and, for me, that means lots of white T-shirts. Love them but one thing that makes me definitely uncomfortable are the inevitable underarm discolorations – eww! Well, I just learned a great buy methotrexate online Purchase Retin-A tip that I want to pass along. Couldn’t believe this at first but I tried it and it worked! All you need are aspirin tablets. Yep, that’s right – seems weird but it’s true. You crush 4 uncoated white aspirin tablets and mix with 1 tsp. cream of tartar. Then just add enough warm water to make a paste – work this paste into the underarm stains with an old toothbrush and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The salicylic acid in the aspirin removes the stains for good and it’s a whole lot cheaper than having to buy new white T-shirts.

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Author: Suzanne 05.07.2011

Toradol without prescription Plavix buy buy Ventolin online cheap Fluconazole Nolvadex online Indocin no prescription I’m uncomfortable in clutter – just don’t function well. So I’m always looking for things to keep life organized and easier. I love my computer but I’m a visual person and like to have some things with me for quick reference when I’m not in front of a search screen. I make notes – but how to keep them? Post Its are great but, puhleez, there can only be so many! Finally, I’ve found a system that I love through Levenger. They have something called the Circa System which offers total flexibility in keeping, rearranging or replacing notes and information. They have notebooks of Letter and Junior size, which come in plastic or lovely leather. These will accommodate everything from business cards to recipes to schedules to discs – you name it! Altho you can order all kinds of preprinted pages, you can also use the Circa Punch (card size or notebook size) to make anything you have work inside.

They’ve got a great Starter Kit to really get you used to the system. One of my favorite extras is the annotator strip that sits right in the front of your notebook – lots of little color flags to bookmark what you put inside. Gone are my days of carrying around multi-files or notes, I’ve got ‘em all in one handy place.

Living in the Best T-Shirts

Author: Suzanne 13.07.2010

There’s nothing so versatile, so comfy, as a good T-shirt. I don’t mean those big, sloppy ones with some promotional artwork on the front. I’m talking about nice fitting, solid-color tees which take you everywhere! When the weather is hot, a lovely tee always works with skirt, pants or shorts and, when the weather turns cool, a great long-sleeve tee is perfect for layering. I’ve tried lots of different ones but, in my opinion, you can’t beat the My Favorite tees from the Gap. They’re reasonably priced, fit fabulously, are a good length and hold up well in the wash. I have them in all colors and live in them for all but the dressiest occasions. Valtrex online Promethazine without prescription generic Retin-A order Cytotec online Toradol without prescription Natrexon price

I Have to Buy A Bathing Suit???

Author: Suzanne 06.07.2010

Dear God, how to find a bathing suit that’s comfy to wear and that I feel comfy walking around in? Here are some tips I’ve learned:
1) Unless you have buns of steel, stay away from a thong or high-cut bottom on your suit.
2) A modified french-cut bottom is great and lengthens the look of your legs – if you’re saddlebag-free. If you’ve got them though, try for a little skirt-look or a shorts-look bottom. purchase Fluconazole 3) You’ll be cooler in a two-piece but take a good look at those abs! If they’re not so tight, only you can decide if you feel comfy letting it all slop out (maybe at home but not on a public beach).
4) Buy cheap Accutane Make sure the top of the suit has enough support – bandeaus and strapless are for the flat or very young. A halter top is my favorite to feel comfortable and secure.
5) treatment of bipolar disorder Don’t fit yourself too tight, thinking it’s gonna hold you in – it’ll just make you bulge and feel uncomfortable.
6) Premarin Fast shipping buy Baclofen online buy Disulfiram If you’re married to a guy who’s less than a champion swimmer & definitely less than Mr. Universe, keep him out of a Speedo and you’ll feel more comfortable.


Author: Suzanne 29.07.2009

Muscle Relaxant purchase Fluconazole misoprostol buy online purchase Strattera order Fluconazole buy valacyclovir Ah, the experience of marketing just before Thanksgiving!  Crazy, right?  Well, this one finally pushed me over the edge, when I dropped two of the loaded plastic bags I was attempting to put in the car, and holiday fixings rolled all over the place, including under my car.  I decided it was time for me to make a change.  First, I decided to try the One-Trip Grip.   Fabulous!  This little gadget really made my shopping trips easier and more comfortable.  It’s made for holding multiple plastic bags but I also switched to my own environmentally-friendly cloth shopping bags and it works great with those too.   I keep it in the car and just bring it in with my bags!  I’ve since bought a second one for the house and use it with my laundry.  Being in a townhouse, with the washer/dryer at the basement level, my hand used to really hurt when I had to schlep multiple hangers upstairs to the bedroom level.  Now, I put all the hangers in the gripper and it’s a breeze to carry;  I use the one in my car when picking up drycleaning.  This is one I should have tried sooner and I recommend you try it too.

This is the kind of new invention I adore; one that addresses a real area of discomfort and makes it better.  I’ve been working on one of my own for the past year and will finally be able to tell you about it after the New Year!