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Author: Suzanne 02.07.2010

I like the rain. It’s a wonderful time to stay warm and comfy by the fireplace. And, it can be fun to be out in it – when it’s not a downpour. order methotrexate online However, if it’s really coming down, I want a good umbrella to avoid drowned rat syndrome. buy albuterol online And, although I love those sturdy big umbrellas, I hate carrying them around and prefer the collapsible styles. This can pose a problem if there’s wind involved in the rain.

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Well, a friend of mine from Chicago (known for its blustery weather) recently introduced me to the neatest collapsible umbrella. It’s called the Windpro Flatwear Umbrella from the ShedRain company. buy Clonidine Online This little beauty has specially designed vents that allow wind to escape, which keeps it from blowing inside-out during gusty wet conditions. It opens to a 43” arc, has a black steel shaft, aluminum ribs and black rubberized handle. Easy to pack at 11” x 3” x 1.25,” it opens with automatic button push. Topamax 100 mg Let it pour, I’m ready!!

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