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Author: Suzanne 08.07.2012

Maybe I’m late to the party but I just recently found out about MBT shoes (short for Masai Barefoot Technology). The company calls them “The Order Lamisil online Anti-Shoe,” so I didn’t expect them to be comfortable – I went for a pair because I’d heard about their benefits for slimming the body and getting more fit. To my surprise, they were stylish and amazingly supportive, soothing and comfy. Who knew?

They first came to my attention in a small magazine write-up. It talked about how a celebrity had lost tons of her baby weight by simply walking about 25 minutes a day in these shoes. I had to check it out! I learned that they were invented by a Swiss engineer who discovered, during a visit to Korea, that his back pain was alleviated by walking barefoot across paddy fields. Vermox without prescription So he went to work in developing these curved sole shoes which have a positive effect on the body and increase fitness by activating muscles that are neglected when walking on flat ground. His technology has been shown to reduce stress on hip joints and knees, improve posture and core strength, relieve pesky issues with the back, hips legs and feet – plus it’s proven to help joint, muscle, ligament & tendon injuries.

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As for visible changes to the body, some fitness trainers have said that walking in MBTs for an hour is equal to about 3 hours at the gym. For me, one super example is toning to the area between the upper albuterol price thighs and butt – circulation here is really improved and that’s supposedly the key to reducing cellulite. Hooray!

There are lots of styles to choose from. The cheapest are about $130-$160/pair with most in the $200/pair range. MBTs are an investment but I find them to cheap esomeprazole be well worth it!

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Author: Suzanne 04.07.2012

Over the New Year weekend, I visited some friends up the coast and was surprised to have a lovely, restful time. Why should this surprise me? Well, although I adore spending time with this couple, I’ve previously slept poorly because the husband, bless him, has always snored loudly enough that I could hear him in the next room. Never could understand how my girlfriend could share a bed with him til I discovered she wore earplugs! This time, I waited for the snoring but it didn’t start. Was it an operation? What had happened? Imagine my surprise to find out that a banana had been the answer for him. My friends were told that the main reason lots of people snore is sagging muscles in the back of the mouth that can vibrate loudly during sleep. They were instructed to have the husband eat a banana right before bed – seems that the phospholipids in the banana lubricate the problem tissues and help to prevent the collapse of the airwaves. She said the effect can last about 6 hours and she’s definitely more comfortable sleeping without the earplugs. Who knew? order Nolvadex Diflucan cheap Arthritis Strattera without prescription Propranolol best prices order methotrexate online


Author: Suzanne 25.07.2011

I just did a workshop on Yamuna Body Rolling at my Pilates studio and think I’m hooked. My instructor recommended this because, after years of dancing, my feet were very tight and inflexible plus one hip had stiffened up from a tendon I tore a few years ago. She explained that working with the Yamuna balls was “health, fitness & massage rolled into one.” Unlike other exercises with balls, this uses 6″ or 9″ balls to do detailed work on specific muscles, create flexibility in tight areas while increasing range of motion. It’s like having someone work on you, except the ball does the work. When you lie over the ball, you just roll yourself in a series of routines that stretch, get rid of tension and discomfort, increase blood flow and stimulate permanent changes in your body.

I went to the Yamuna website to learn more and found that I can get a Beginner’s Kit to use at home – Yay!! It comes with a lovely yellow ball, the pump to keep it perfect and a DVD. I’m getting one and plan to make TV time more productive by rolling myself to feeling fitter. Something you really may want to try! cheap albuterol Zithromax without prescription Purchase Retin-A without prescription cheap Fluconazole cheap Phenergan Order Natrexone


Author: Suzanne 16.07.2011

I travel a lot for business and jet lag is something I definitely find uncomfortable. I’ve tried all sorts of things but, after my last trip, I used a new little simple little device called No Jet Lag that showed me how to avoid it by resetting my internal body clock by applying acupressure to specific meridian points. This was developed by a Dr. Charles Krebs for a company called Dynamo House and you can get it thru their website. I’m intrigued by lots of things from this company which focuses on natural products and a holistic approach to life. I’m investigating more of their items and will let you know what I think. I love their motto, a quote from Anonymous, which says “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” order misoprostol online Heart Disease order Vermox buy Valtrex online no prescription Buy Prozac Plan B online


Author: Suzanne 14.07.2011

Here’s a tip from a friend of mine who used to love her Diet Coke – she probably consumed up to at least eight glasses during a day. When I saw her last, she ordered mineral water and I was shocked! buy Retin-A online Disulfiram online Then she explained that her nutritionist had told her that the Diet Coke was probably contributing to her feeling rundown. She’d visited the nutritionist because she always felt tired and her muscles felt very weak. Then she learned that the Coke’s high amounts of caffeine, glucose and fructose depleted her body’s potassium level – and that’s the mineral that’s important for good muscle function. She’s since switched to lots of water, with an occasional Coke as a treat, and feels much better. Interesting, huh? Just thought I’d pass it along…

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Author: Suzanne 04.07.2011

Not me! I’ve always been aware that most dandruff is caused by hair products that dry the scalp and tried to be careful how often I shampoo and using quality products. Now I’ve come across an easy treatment to make sure that those little flakes never show up and your hair looks better than ever. Here’s what you do: Take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and blend with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 2 tablespoons of distilled water. Pour this mixture into a small bottle and add 2-3 sprigs of fresh mint. Allow this all to set for about 15 minutes so the mint is fully infused. Then apply to your damp hair and massage it thoroughtly into your scalp. Leave it on for 20 minutes, then shampoo and condition. The vinegar will rid your scalp of flakes, the mint and olive oil soothes the scalp and leaves your hair beautifully glossy and shiny. Got this little remedy from Janice Cox, one of the coauthors of isotretinoin online EcoBeauty order Levitra online Buy Toradol cheap Retin-A cheap Proscar buy brand Levitra . Thanks, hon!

Hangovers Are Uncomfy – 2

Author: Suzanne 01.07.2010

Unless you have a sauna handy to sweat it out the effects of New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d list a couple of cures that have given comfort to friends. I’ve omitted the Prairie Oyster (with the Worcestershire sauce and raw egg yolk), cause just talking about it makes me want to bend over the toilet bowl. The following are much more pleasant:


• Get Out of Jail Free Card
1 oz Vodka
4 oz orange juice
2 oz ginger ale
A couple of maraschino cherries

Mix the liquids with crushed ice & drop in the cherries.
The vodka will balance out any alcohol, the OJ helps to metabolize it faster, the ginger ale will calm your stomach, and the cherries have a pain-relieving anti-oxidant. (Thanks to Duane Swierczynski for this one.)

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Go straight to the freezer – do not pass “go” – and have some spoonfuls. I’ve never tried this myself but one of my girlfriends swears by it.